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In the 1500s the Aztecs of Mexico created a popular saucy green spread using the same ingredients that we enjoy today. They called it ahuaca-mulli which means an avocado mixture or avocado sauce. Today, Guacamole is the most famous dish with avocado in de world!!

With the guacamole from King Cuisine, you’re getting a powerhouse of unprocessed, fresh nutrition with every bite. It’s made with all-natural ingredients, full of fibre, and tastes absolutely delicious. Serve guacamole with sliced pita bread or use it as a topping for chicken or fish!

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As from today you can find the new order page of our website. The webshop is intended for all our customers in the B2B channel. Besides the new system function, this page offers a nice overview of our entire product line. Curious? Take a look!

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