Surinaamse ei salade_LR

The toppings of King Cuisine!

King Cuisine offers an extensive range of delicious toppings. Our salads, tapenades, bruschetta’s and sauces give that little bit extra to a dish, sandwich or cracker!

What do you think of a spicy salad spread of chopped chicken with leek and ginger. Delicious on a golden brown baked pistolet. Or a Surinamese Free-range egg salad spread with chunky pieces of free-range egg and with a spicy Surinamese touch. Tastes delicious on brown crusty bread like Waldkorn.


But also our Bruschetta’s will give a delightful touch to your dish:

  • Try our Bruschetta Tomato, a chunky topping of fresh diced tomato and flavored with black olives, minced garlic and basil. Tastes good as a topping on White Fish!
  • Try our Bruschetta Rocke, a chunky topping of fresh rocket and basil mixed with Parmesan cheese, yellow bell pepper, nuts and soft cheese. This bruschetta is quite tasteful as topping on bread with smoked salmon, but it also tastes good in a pasta salad!

In short, there’s enough choice!!