Sfeerfoto van groene en zwarte olijven met plakjes chorizo van King Cuisine
  • Olives: the irresistible, healthy bite

An olive for every occasion

Olive trees grow around the Mediterranean Sea by nature. Olives are the most important agricultural crop in that region. Few people know that green olives are actually olives that haven’t riped yet. Because of that they are very firm. Black olives are softer, juicier and contain more oil due to their ripeness.

Not only do olives taste irresistably good, they are also very healthy! They contain very high concentrations of vitamins and minerals and are filled with unsaturated fats. King Cuisine marinates the olives in a very special manner and has olives of all colors, kinds and sizes. Because of the special method of preparation, the olives do not taste salt and sour, but soft and mildly bitter.

You can use our olives in many different ways. Our green garlic olives are a tasty addition to your pasta sauce and our chili olives or olives mixed with chorizo slices are delicious as a topping on your pizza. But you can also keep it simple by serving our stuffed olives as an appetizer or by putting them in your salad!