Special sauces for wild meat

The traditional hunting season has started again. You can now get plenty of wild meat like deer, boar, duck and much more. These go very well with our delicious, special sauces!

You can take for example our Red Wine Cinnamon Sauce, which fits perfectly with a nice tender deer steak. This sauce is made from red wine with dried apples, raisins and a hint of cinnamon. Try this sauce also as a dessert with baked apple and mascarpone or put it in your favorite pudding.

Or experience an unexpected taste sensation with duck breast and the Honey Cranberry Sauce, a sauce of honey and cranberries with port. This sauce is also perfect for a delicious dessert, such as mascarpone mixed with whipped cream with the sauce as a topping. It also tastes good through a traditional full yoghurt.

We also have an Orange Caramel Sauce, a powerful and spicy sauce with orange, mango, caramel and triple sec. You can combine it wonderfully with duck also, so that you can make a classic Canard à l’orange. Or serve the Orange Caramel Sauce as dessert with panna cotta.