Tapastest Kassa Vara Jumbo King Cuisine

The tapas assortment of Jumbo is the best according to the results of the tapastest from Kassa (and we are their supplier!)

The editor office of consumer program Kassa wondered what real Spaniards would think of the available tapas in the Netherlands. For this, they went to the beautiful Spanish coastal town Sitges to let twelve residents taste different tapas.

The tapas assortment of supermarket Jumbo is the best according to the results of the tapastest! The Spanish testers also said that the aioli is made comparable with the real Spanish aioli and the sundried tomatoes made them smile. These are of course very compliments for Jumbo and for us as a proud supplier! The tapas assortment of the following supermarkets were tested: Albert Heijn, Coop, HEMA, Jumbo, Lidl en Plus.


Below you find the broadcast if you have missed it or if you want to watch it again. Click here to read the full article on the website of Kassa.